What UEFA will do so that a Super League is not repeated

This Friday the UEFA Executive Committee meets, which will announce the final venues for Euro 2021. The body that governs European football wants to start putting means so that a secessionist initiative such as the Super League is not repeated, according to the Gazzetta dello Sport. UEFA has lived through the hardest days in its history and now it wants to “shield itself” so that it does not happen again.

The return to “normality” of the founding clubs of the Super League will be under certain conditions, always according to said medium. And in this aspect there are sectors of UEFA that advocate a strong hand. The Danish Jesper Möller threatened to disqualify three of the four semi-finalists of the Champions League, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea, something impractical but in what some believed. This same current proposed a year without Champions for the two leaders of the project, Real Madrid and Juventus. But that will not happen.

UEFA will already begin to work on the clauses with which to ‘shield’ European competitions to prevent another attempt such as the Super League. For example, the clubs that participate in them commit to respecting the rules for decades and not being seduced by private initiatives. In doing so, there would be sporting and financial consequences, for which UEFA will need the support of FIFA and even at the political level, especially the European Union.

But UEFA will also have to listen to the requests of the big clubs and work to build a more sustainable football model, with spending control and debt reduction.

This Friday’s Executive will discuss the new Champions League and the 12 venues for Euro 2021 will be announced (Dublin is in danger, Munich with problems, Bilbao replaced by Madrid (Wanda) or Seville). But they will also talk about the Super League and they will begin to discuss what steps to take so that these turbulent days are not repeated.