What they are about their military in South Korea

Son Heung-min, extreme of Tottenham, stated that his recent military service was “hard” and added that he is almost at his maximum physical level ahead of the resumption of the Premier, which will resume on June 17.

The 27-year-old son had to complete 3 weeks of compulsory military service in his country, South Korea, last April, after recovering from a broken arm. “I was very busy for 3 months. I don’t know how the others felt, but for me lThe 3 weeks of military service were long and yet they were a good experience. Enjoy it. The teammates were nice, ”said the winger in statements to the Tottenham website.

“The first day, when we didn’t know each other, it was weird. But we soon met. We spent the days together in a room, 10 people, with closeness, working together, helping each other, so it was a fantastic period. I am physically fine now. I work hard to be at my highest level and I have almost succeeded. ”

After what Arm is fractured in February his coach Jose Mourinho, feared that he would not be able to play again this season, but, due to the halt due to the coronavirus, everything indicates that he will, just like Harry Kane.

The Tottenham, 8th in the Premier at the moment, is 7 points from Chelsea, 4th and therefore occupies the last place that gives access to the Champions 2020-21.