What Real Sociedad pocketed for winning the Cup final

Mikel Oyarzabal’s pulse did not tremble to score the goal with which Real Sociedad beat Athletic in the final of the Copa del Rey from the penalty spot.

The txuri urdin team has been better in the outcome of last year’s cup final and will pocket around 1,400,000 euros for the victory.

The figure is not official, but it is estimated from the television rights that the Federation enters for the retransmission of the K.O. tournament. According to Iusport, the RFEF will charge 31,474,932 euros for the edition of the 19-20 season.

Royal Decree Law 5/2015 in its article 8 establishes the percentage that corresponds to each team for participating (depending on the category) and for the performance bonus.

According to this article, 90% of the income from the sale of audiovisual rights goes to professional football (28,327,438.8 euros) and the remaining 10% goes to the promotion of amateur football and teams of other categories that they participate in the Cup.

Of that amount, the Primera teams keep 90%, that is, 25,494,694.9 “kilos.” 50% is distributed equally, while the rest is based on performance. Just for participating, the Real already had 637,367.37 euros insured.

The 12,747,347.5 million for objective bonuses are divided into five parts of 2,549,469.5 ‘kilos’, one for each round. Those who reach eighths will enter 2.5%; rooms 6%; semis by 9%, the runner-up by 16% and the champion by 22%. In this way, the San Sebastian, for being champions of the 19-20 edition, take 560,883.29 and Athletic, for being runner-up, 407,915.12 euros.

All this is added to the performance of the last four years, where the Real only reached the eighths and the fourths, leaving a figure of 777,588.19 euros, which added to the 637,367.37 leaves a sum of 1,414,955.56 euros .