What is allowed in each phase of the de-escalation in Spain?

The asymmetry of de-escalated makes this Monday coexist in Spain three different phases of the Plan for the Transition towards a new normality: while Madrid, Barcelona and Castile
Lion remain in a phase 0, although relieved, four islands release the largest lack of confidence which allows Phase 2.


Madrid, Barcelona and large urban areas of Castile
Lion still in phase 0, but the restrictions have been relaxed and the following activities have been allowed in these territories:

-Opening shops up to 400 square meters without an appointment.

-Assistance of up to 15 people to burials. Ten people to a wake, in case the enclosure is closed.

-Disinfection tasks in educational centers. Opening of research centers.

-Opening of libraries for book loans.

-Access to places of worship, with limited capacity, maximum 30%.

-Car dealers, vehicle technical inspection stations and garden centers and plant nurseries resume their activity. An appointment is required.

-The State lottery and betting administrations open, only if they have direct access from the street.

-Resumption of the provision of social services.

-Access to museums with a maximum limitation of 30% of the capacity.

-Federated athletes may perform sports twice a day within their province within the allowed time frames.

-Opening of high performance sports centers.

-Markets with 25% of the stalls, if the corresponding council considers it.

Madrid, Barcelona and areas of Castilla y León are still in phase 0


Almost the entire territory, with the exception of those areas that remain in phase 0 and the islands of The
Iron, The
slingshot, The
Funny and Formentera, are already in phase 1. These are the measures established for these areas in the Transition Plan towards the new normal:

-Opening stores of up to 400 square meters without an appointment. When they have a higher useful surface, the space that is reopened to the public can be limited by adjusting to this threshold.

-The shops can celebrate sales.

-Hunting and sport and recreational fishing are allowed.

-Meetings of up to 10 people inside and outside the house, keeping the safety distance of two meters and respecting hygiene regulations regarding hand washing and “respiratory etiquette”.

-Use of car of up to 9 seats by the inhabitants of the same home.

-Open terraces at 50% of their capacity.

-Vakes for a limited number of family members in public or private facilities: fifteen people outdoors or ten in closed spaces. Fifteen people may attend funerals or farewell for cremation.

-Outdoor markets on public roads. Initial limitation to 25% of the usual positions and maximum influx of a third of the capacity.

-The places of worship will open, although only up to a third of their capacity will be allowed.

-Opening of hotels without use of common areas.

-Libraries will offer the loan service, also reading with limited capacity.

-In the cultural sphere, acts with attendance limits will be allowed.

-Museums will open their doors to allow a third of the maximum entrance and with control of crowds in rooms.

-Opening of car dealers by appointment.

-Active and nature tourism for limited groups of people.

-Non-professional sport: in outdoor sports facilities without an audience, only for practicing sports in which there is no contact, such as athletics or tennis. In sports centers, individual sports activities by appointment in sports centers that do not involve physical contact or the use of changing rooms.

-Professional sport: opening of high-performance centers with reinforced hygiene and protection measures and, if possible, shifts. Average training in professional leagues.

Almost the entire Spanish territory is already in phase 1
Almost the entire Spanish territory is already in phase 1


This Monday the
2 on the islands of Formentera, The
Funny, The
slingshot and The
Iron, who were already the advance guard of the phase 1.

These are the activities allowed in these territories.

-Bars and restaurants begin to serve food in their premises, with a maximum of 40% of the capacity and maintaining 2 meters of security between tables. Nightclubs and nightclubs will be closed.

-The shopping centers open, with a maximum capacity of 30% for their common areas (which can only be used for transit) and 40% for commercial premises. Children’s areas and toy libraries will remain closed.

-The capacity of the stores is increased to 40%.

-Visits to sheltered homes and residential centers for people with disabilities. The visit will have to be arranged, which will be limited to one family member per resident and will require the use of protective equipment.

-Visits to nursing homes in exceptional cases such as the end of life or the relief of neurocognitive decompensation of the resident.

These visits may not occur if there are cases of COVID-19 or a quarantined resident.

-Up to 25 people may attend a funeral or cremation ceremony. In the case of the wake, 25 people in open spaces or 15 people in closed spaces.

-The capacity of places of worship is increased to 50%.

-Weddings are allowed in all types of facilities, provided that they do not exceed fifty percent of their capacity, and in any case a maximum of one hundred people in open spaces or fifty people in closed spaces. Social distance, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette will have to be maintained.

-They can open the exhibition halls, with the limitation of a third of the capacity.

-Reopening of cinemas, theaters and auditoriums, with pre-assigned seats and a third of the capacity. Other venues where cultural acts or shows are held will impose a limit of 50 people if they are closed and 400 if they are outdoors.

-Begin to visit monuments, also with a limit of 30% of the capacity.

-The recreational pools are opened, with conditions to keep them free of pathogenic microorganisms and substances that may negatively affect the health of the user. Maximum capacity of 30%, establishment of schedules by turns, previous appointment required and 2 meters of safety distance between bathers.

-Opening of sports pools, both outdoors and indoors, with a third of the capacity, by appointment and a single athlete per street.

-You will be able to carry out non-professional physical activity at any time, except in the 10 to 12 and 19 to 20 hours bands, for people over 70 years of age.

-Basic and individual training of athletes from non-professional leagues, total training of professionals (in shifts and 50% of the facility’s capacity).

-Professional sports competition will be resumed as long as the evolution of the health situation allows it, without the public and behind closed doors, although the means of communication may be accessed for retransmission.

-Opening of covered sports facilities for sports activities, by appointment and at 30% of capacity.

-You can go to the beach, where you can do sports, professional or recreational activities individually and without physical contact.

-Opening of the residences for researchers.

-Opening to the public of hotel common areas, but only a third of the capacity will be allowed.

-Libraries will allow the use of their rooms with a third of their maximum capacity.

-The groups that can carry out active and nature tourism activities are expanded to twenty people.

-Conferences, meetings, business meetings and conferences with a maximum of 50 attendees are allowed.

Phase 2 starts this Monday in Formentera, La Graciosa, La Gomera and El Hierro
Phase 2 starts this Monday in Formentera, La Graciosa, La Gomera and El Hierro