What distinguishes Athletic

Hectic days in the rojiblanco environment. The eve of two separate Cup finals in just two weeks. The Bilbao club, in any case, transcends beyond the result or the current classification. It comes from the roots.

The great merit of Athletic, beyond what happens on the pitch on a specific basis, lies in staying true to its particular philosophy in an increasingly globalized world of football. Now, in moments of euphoria given the proximity of two great events in the form of many other Cup finals, it is easy, simple and even comfortable to get on the winning train. Then, depending on what happens against Real and Barça in Seville, there will be time for the adhesions or the classic and opportunistic defections of almost always.

Visiting one of the social networks that generates the most movement, I came across a kind of study related to the components of the Athletic first squad and the distance between their birthplace and Bilbao. The maximum radius of separation between one point and another is 150 kilometers. Raul Garcia, Ezkieta and Sancet, all of them from Pamplona, ​​are the lions of the group that directs Marcelino that come from further afield.

Between them and the zero kilometers of Ibai, Lekue, Herrerín, Victor and Williams There is a range of locations ranging from 7 kilometers to Yeray or the 13 of Cap and Nuñez at 115 From
frames or the 135 of Berenguer. There will not be many clubs in the world that compete in the elite only with footballers from their city and ‘surroundings’. One, who has always competed in the First Division, now has the opportunity to aspire to three titles or, rather, two plus one because the Super Cup is already in the pot.

The Athletic thing, I insist, transcends beyond the result or the classification of the turn. It has nothing to do with winning or losing, but with competing with a very particular hallmark. Which, incidentally, does not mean giving up going as high as possible. On the contrary