West Ham takes advantage of Tottenham’s puncture and places sixth

Fighting for Europe on England it’s like Formula 1; who blinks misses it. And it is that on the night of this Wednesday the West
Ham, which closed the day in front of the West
Bromwich, managed to make good the prick of the Tottenham winning by 1-3 and placed sixth with a place for the Europe
League depending on himself on the last day. Great news for Hammers.

English environment

Despite the mathematical decline in West
Browmwich to the English Second Division, the local stands were as full as the laws allow. And it is not by common, the return of the people to the stadiums will be less surprising because they continue making the same noise as before with their songs.

Also with the goals and in the first, Soucek’s own goal, The
Hawthorns, the local stadium, exploded with joy when he saw his team in front. The Czech midfielder, in a very tight corner, inserted his head at the wrong time and advanced to the rival team instead of his own.

But if he blew it, he fixed it, and before the break he was able to draw West Ham back with a ball he only had to push at the far post after a great pass from Benrahma.

Based on insistence

Already in the second part, the West
Ham, aware that the draw was little to him, he sought victory by turning over the West Brown goal. FornalsAmong others, he had some occasion to do it but nothing, they were always late. Who did arrive on time was Ogbona, in the launch of a corner, who knew how to finish it off at the far post to put the Hammers. A victory that Antonio certified in the final stage due to a well-managed counter between Fornals Y Lingaard.

Thus, the West
Ham endured the result knowing its importance and manages to surpass the Tottenham in the table to sneak into the Europa League positions with only one match left. On the last date, while the Tottenham will be measured at Leicester, the West
Ham will do the same in front of Southampton.