West Ham knock Leeds down and settle in European posts

Surely Bielsa and theirs ended up very frustrated in the West Ham-Leeds United disputed this Monday. But since football understands little of the merits made and even less of compensating those who sin in poor aim, the three points were left to those of David moyes, which were much more effective than their rival. The ‘hammers’, possibly the most pragmatic team of this Premier league, they prevailed (2-0) with goals from Lingard Y Dawson and they already have 48 points with which they occupy the 5th place. Above Liverpool, Tottenham Y Everton and only 2 of Chelsea having played one game less than the ‘blue’ team.

The duel with him started Leeds showing the will to win. And the so-called ‘Details’ was seen in the green, the one that nobody knows but decides many games. This time, without a doubt, he changed the course of the duel by intervening in two goals disallowed at Leeds. The first, an offside of those that does not deactivate the controversy or with the VAR through, and the second because during the play the ball was a millisecond a few centimeters beyond the baseline.

For this reason, the West Ham, and the first time he had, he made it 1-0. It was in a clear and innocent penalty of Ayling on Lingard than his own Jesse was in charge of materializing in goal. Meslier guessed his intentions from eleven meters, but the rejection went to him Lingard to send the leather to the net (21 ‘).

The one mentioned both Leeds He felt like receiving a “hook” in his face, and with hardly any time to assimilate it, he disliked a “crochet” that was also painful. It was at the exit of a corner thrown by Cresswell what Dawson He headed the net to the distress of Bielsa (28 ‘).

Despite the 2-0 against, the Leeds did not fall to the canvas. He didn’t even wobble. But he wandered around the ring unable to get back into the fight. He had options to achieve it Bamford, but it was not his day. There was no way, the score on the scoreboard did not move again and while the West Ham dreams of qualifying for the Champions League the Leeds It looks like you will have to agree to end the season without any shocks and in a quiet area.