“We will see what happens at the end of the season”

Eduardo Camavinga, the young midfielder of the Rennes Only 17 years old, closely followed by Real Madrid, he finally broke his silence in the French newspaper Uest Ouest France ’. ANDn his first interview with a media outlet, he said he felt “good” in Rennes, but he did not rule out a change of scenery. “At the end of the season we will see what happens,” he declared.

“I like those great clubs to be interested in me, but I’m not very interested in that, I don’t focus on that,” said the footballer, who is on the agenda of some of the most powerful technical secretariats on the continent. “I feel good in Rennes. We will see what happens, I leave my parents and my agents to manage all that and at the end of the season we discuss, “he acknowledged. Camavinga.

“My future will be seen at the end of the season, we will see what happens,” said the midfielder, who denied an alleged agreement with Rennes to stay at the club for another year in the event of qualifying for the Champions. “If there was such an important agreement in the middle of the season, I would know it,” he settled.

Camavinga His contract ends in 2022 and Madrid has already begun to move to be in pole position when addressing his possible signing. There is so much talk of white interest that even his rivals joke about it, as the midfielder explains. “In AmiensIn the League Cup, an opponent told me: ‘We have to change the shirt before you go to Real Madrid’. I didn’t feel like joking because we had lost, but when I think about it now it amuses me, “he recalled.

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