‘We will be united by a memory for a lifetime’

Moyá says goodbye to the Real fans through Instagram

Miguel Angel Moyá says goodbye to Real and to a Txuri Urdin fans who have held him in high esteem for his behavior: “Today a cycle is over, a stage in a wonderful club such as Real Sociedad”, says the Mallorcan goalkeeper after his period of three and a half years in the Gipuzkoan squad. “Our paths separate, yes, but we will be united by a memory for a lifetime full of anecdotes and experiences, all of them positive and successful,” he says.

It is well known that, due to his outgoing personality, he enjoyed a great reputation among his wardrobe mates: “I have dozens of friends, most of them related to football and others off the pitch,” he quotes.

Moya It came suddenly in February 2018, when the situation in the Real’s goal was chaotic, and from the beginning he made efforts for an integration that in the end was very natural: “I have the satisfaction of having adapted to the city, to its people and their culture … even having learned some Basque ”.

The goalkeeper, logically, has a memory for the parish that I have supported him: “And I take the affection of all the people who have been around me for more than three years and, above all, that of the fans that have always held in very high esteem, ”he says.

By last, Moya shows all his gratitude: “I thank you infinite !!!” and he says goodbye in Basque, making it clear that he will miss the parish: “Missing botako zaituztet, ikusi arte”.