“We want to establish ourselves in the Iberdrola League”

Eibar will compete next season in the Iberdrola League thanks to the game deployed until the emergence of the coronavirus. Part of the success of the gunsmith team is the fault of Iker Dorronsoro who, in his first foray into women’s football, has achieved a historic rise. “Arrive and kiss the saint,” as he says.

Was this debut part of your plans?

I still do not believe it, although it must be emphasized that this is not achieved only in one year. Behind there is a great job that begins with the coordinator Jon Zabaleta, the technicians and players of recent years and a determined commitment from the club. We know that a very beautiful challenge awaits us.

It is her first experience in women’s football. How did the opportunity to get to Eibar arise?

Zabaleta contacted me and I received the call with great desire. I took it as a personal challenge and I think we have managed to manage a renewed squad very well, with several additions and a new category, competing against many clubs that were aiming to be in the fight for promotion. A demanding year was coming and we have managed to transmit to the team that tranquility that was transferred to us from the club.

Was there no pressure?

Not at all. We signed for two years with the idea of ​​adapting and knowing a little about everything. The secret has been in the day to day, working from the calm and trying to improve. So have the successes come.

How was the landing?

The first thing I tried was to adapt to the template and get to know it. And that the players knew me and my team. In the first weeks of preseason we realized that what little we knew we could take forward. We tried to capture it and the team responded, progressing. Every day we were tightening much more, with training of more than two hours, and we have seen sacrifice, commitment and work.

Didn’t you feel dizzy after such a drastic change? On 18/19 he ascended with the Euskalduna to the Regional Honor Division.

Everything surprised me very positively because I am very demanding and I squeeze a lot. I wanted them to see where we were going to shoot and the response was exceptional. It also helped that everyone in the technical and medical staff has very clear ideas.

Didn’t it change the way you work?

Not at all. Our system was clear, I am a fan of playing with three central, although we had doubts if we could do it from the first moment. The footballers were surprised because they had never played that way and I think that has been part of the secret and of getting those numbers, with only 13 goals conceded in 22 games. Two lanes, lots of people inside and two forwards; We have been a team with a lot of rhythm.

And a wall.

We have been very competitive, with just two losses, the first on opening day against Osasuna (0-1). We have attached great importance to that defensive work and built from behind. To compete every weekend you had to have a tactical order and be a tough and difficult team to win. Like the Eibar of Mendilibar, which squeezes, puts in a lot of rhythm and intensity. It is true that it cost us during the first two months but there were no nerves because we knew that the results were going to end up coming.

What has surprised you the most?

That the staff has continued to believe in what we did. After drawing with many casualties at the Barcelona subsidiary’s home, a great team, we realized that we could go up. But the following weekend we lost against Madrid CFF. That party made us reflect. It became clear to us that we knew what to do, what we were good at. From there we entered the streak, with nine wins and three draws between matchdays 11 and 22. Impressive numbers.

Has it been a game and mental success?

We arrived at the Christmas break cutting distances to the leader. Being there was the idea we put forward in the summer. At the start of the second lap we caught Osasuna, Alavés and the rest of the direct rivals. We realized that we were going with one more march.

What is the objective of the next season?

These days we are immersed in planning. In sports it will be necessary to adapt but the club wants to make a bet. We will be the third Basque team and we will try to settle down. We don’t want to be an elevator. The intention is to arrive to stay for many years.

Are big changes in the roster expected?

We have the majority of female players. Pérez, Ayestarán, Matsukawa, Calvo, Ibarrola and López end the contract and do not continue. We believe that the block must be maintained and then we will have to try to hit the reinforcements. More than a number, we want specific aspects.