“We want more than ever”

The Granada captain, Víctor Díaz, recognized that he hasn “more desire than ever” for LaLiga to return Santander after “two and a half or three months without seeing the ball roll” and believes that the rojiblancos have ahead “a very nice challenge” in the remainder of the championship.

Víctor Díaz indicated This Wednesday in a statement served by LaLiga to the media that “at the beginning” of the return to training after the confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic cost “a little” everything related to “handling with the ball” but that “in general lines “everything is going” quite well “.

“The daily training plan during the confinement has made us stay in tune,” added the Granada captain, who is aware that the strict security protocol on the return to training for avoiding infections “is necessary and must be met”.

“The first day there are too many new things but when that first day passes, everything is very simple. We must thank the medical service and the collaboration of LaLiga, they have made everything much easier and it is appreciated in this situation,” he added. .

The Granada players are “happy to return” to training sessions that are going “very well” and now they only think about what lies ahead “a very nice challenge” because the situation they were in when the competition was stopped was “very good“despite the” thorn “of the elimination in the Cup semifinals.

“We have returned with a lot of spirit, with desire. We are going to continue with our thinking of going game by game and seeing where we got to. We are dreaming of the permanence, that we have it very close, and to enjoy this last section“sentenced the Granada side, who already thinks about the duel against Getafe with which they will resume the course.

“It is a game that we are going to catch with great desire, it will be two and a half or three months without seeing the ball roll and we have more wins than ever “, Víctor Díaz asserted.

The winger acknowledged that the duel may be “a bit of a rematch of the first leg” in which they were left “with a bad taste in the mouth” when they lost 3-1 despite being “closer to draw or win than they the result said. “

Víctor Díaz is aware that Getafe “comes from two very good years, he is following the line of his coach and they are doing very well “stressing that” he is there on his own merits, no matter how much people say, something will be doing well “.

About the fact of having to play without an audienceHe signed that it will be a “strange and anomalous” situation to which they will have to adapt, making it clear that “there are things that change” but that Granada is “capable of adapting to everything” so he predicted that they will do “well”.