‘We have to go out with the knife’

The right side Iza Carcelén It could not be more resounding or graphic when it comes to talking about the importance of the three points that Cádiz will play this day against the Eibar.

“Is a direct rival, we are both playing a lot. It would be very important, both in spirit and in points, to win this Saturday. In addition, we would earn you the golaverage. We have to go out to this game with the knife, trying to get the three points in Carranza, which is costing us a lot this year ”, said Carcelén.

The player has referred to his absence in training this Wednesday, assuring that “I feel fine, I did not train yesterday as a precaution. I have returned to work with the group and I am calm, I am fine ”.

Carcelén has emphasized the need to consolidate the team defensively: “Before we threw the game in minute 50. We have to keep working like this to find the way to victory, making matches in which it costs the rival a world to make us chances ”.

And when it comes to pointing out one of the rival’s keys, he has not hesitated to point out Bryan gil. “It’s been a year spectacularHe is quite young and is showing a talent that for the future we will see many things from him. He is stopped en bloc, being together, as we defend. When we defend together and with help it is very difficult for a player to destroy you all this because as a block we defend quite well. If he plays then we will try to defend him with everything ”.