‘We didn’t lose for the hotel’

The president of the French Football Federation, Nöel Le Gratet, has come out of the controversy generated after the elimination of his selection and the conditions in which he has been during the Eurocup.

“Let’s stop talking about the hotel. We did not lose by the hotel. It was the training center that really wasn’t good, I want to admit. But if we tell ourselves that if we had changed hotels we would not have scored the last two goals against Switzerland … ”, he said.

And added that “in football, when you win, everyone is great. And when you lose, it’s someone else’s fault. I do not agree with that. I went to all the games, came and went. I don’t feel able to stay permanently. I delegated a lot and I’m not going to say that what was started was done wrong. We played the first three games in good condition and the fourth we lost because it is football. We have to talk about football. The rest does not matter”.