‘We are saddened that you cannot come to Seville’


First of all, we want you and yours to be well. It’s being a very difficult time that, hopefully together, we can overcome as soon as possible. I’m not used to writing letters and I’m better at kicking a ball, but the occasion deserves it.

Finally the day arrives. There is less than a month left and we have mixed feelings. We are saddened that you cannot come to Seville. It would have been amazing.

It may seem like another hot topic in this world of football when we say that “we play for and for our fans”. But in our case it is what we feel, and more so in this situation. We play – and win – to make you happy. And with that objective we will take to the field on the 3rd.

And that you are not here does not mean that we cannot feel you. For this reason, in addition to the ‘ticket’ that symbolizes that you are with us, we have also sent you a postcard. We would love for you to write us a message to read before the game. What you feel from the heart.

Today more than ever, we dedicate the song to you:

Erreala ale, irabazi arte, beti egongo gara zurekin.

This is the ‘virtual’ entry sent to the members of the Real