“We are missing one last step”

Granada coach Diego Martínez, indicated that his team made “errors” that he does not usually commit in the defeat suffered this Sunday against the Eibar (1-2), although he commented that they had “very clear chances” to tie.

“We started the game well, we had the clash where we wanted but they took advantage of an error of ours, and from there we entered the precipitation loop. We got another good start in the second half and in the last minutes we had very clear actions to equalize”, he said after the meeting in a virtual press conference.

“We have made mistakes that we do not usually make and they penalize us a lot. I am annoyed that we cannot close the mathematical term, we are missing one last step,” added the coach, who made it clear that when they certify a salvation that for weeks is virtual they are going to celebrate “a lot as a team”.

Diego He considered that the two goals from Eibar were “important emotional blows” because they came after “very good starts” of both periods, and that with the scoreboard against they lacked “being more successful” in the “arreones” they had.

“It is difficult to have continuity in these matches and with the heat if you get behind on the scoreboard it costs you more. At the moment when we do not have a good day or we are not at our best in all facets, we suffer, that’s why I place so much value on the situation we are in, “he said.

Diego Martinez He asserted that moments like the current one in which they do not have “as much defensive solvency” or are not “so right” behind serve to “value how well” they have done “for so long at a defensive level.”

The coach of Pomegranate He is clear that “a very difficult League final awaits them” but that “with 43 points everything looks different” because they are a “humble and modest” team and reaching that score “has much merit”.