“We are healthy and we can sign important players”

José Castro, president of the Seville, has the premise of fighting with difficulties against ambition, a slogan that has made his team five-time champion of the Europa League. The top president, in an interview for Bolivian media Tigo Sport, has explained the keys to success in his management.

“Although it is true that we won a League back in ’36, the reality is that the last 15 years have been the highest peak for the Europa League titles. Achieving a title is very difficult, twice it is super difficult, but up to five times and three consecutive times it is something that until now has only been within the reach of Sevilla ”, commented the white president.

“Competing in Spain is very difficult because the reality is that there are two clubs with a budget that multiply up to six times yours. We have no choice but to be ambitious, try to be bolder, perhaps have other strategies to get into the Champions League, and if not, how difficult is the Europa League titles, ”adds Castro, who explains the transfer policy he uses. Monchi, oriented to look for unknown talents and put them in value in the club: “We are clear that we have our own meaning. We try to do more with less and we have a number of technicians who try to sign players who are not the best known but who are known here. Footballers who are able to grow and also benefit the club to achieve sports milestones. This may be useful for them to sign for teams of another power. We have been able to sign more and better and sell equally ”.

The intention is to achieve more goals with less income

Lastly, he describes the management model at a professional level: “We run the club in a professional way, like a company. It is true that it is different from normal companies, but we have tried to combine a sports society with football. In recent years we are a club that is financially healthy and therefore we have the option of buying good players. We have to do these things and others that we will invent again to achieve more objectives with less income. ”