Wave of criticism of Pablo Díaz for what he did in the ring of ‘Pasapalabra’

It’s been a few weeks since the viewers of ‘Pass word‘They were speechless when they saw how Pablo Diaz the letter ‘H’ was missing, thus leaving only one correct answer to win the pot. Since then, the contestant continues to try day after day to complete the final test and enter the history of the program.

Pablo Díaz once again surpassed his adversary in the ring of ‘Pasapalabra’

This past Thursday, the violinist again won the game against Martha, his rival in recent days and with whom he is starring in an exciting duel that manages to have the viewer hooked on the screen. Some face to face that are not without controversy.

Pablo Díaz, in Pasapalabra

The contestant erred the letter F, assuring that the answer to “politician who was prime minister of France between 1984 and 1986 ”was Fignon. But, the followers of the contest did not go unnoticed what he did Pablo Diaz right at that moment: give the correct answer. As if that were not enough, he also wanted to answer the word corresponding to the letter ‘T’.

The networks react to what Pablo Díaz did

This behavior on the part of the canary did not like anything to some followers of the program, who did not hesitate to show their discontent on Twitter. However, some defended Pablo ensuring that what the young man did is something that many contestants have done in the past.