‘War’ Real Madrid-Juventus for Haaland

Haaland He has become the fashionable forward of European football. The 19-year-old Norwegian from Borussia Dortmund He is in the crosshairs of the greats of the continent and among them is Real Madrid who has him as one of his great objectives to recover the goal he lost with the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The white team is not going to have it easy to get Haaland. Dortmund do not want to transfer it this summer and if it does it will be for an amount greater than 100 million euros. It is not until 2021 that the release clause of Haaland for 75 million.

The problem that Real Madrid has is that it will not be alone in that bid for Haaland. Juventus also wants the Norwegian who sees him as the substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo in the front of the Italian team. Juventus plans are to go for the Norwegian in 2022, when Cristiano ends his contract, but he could overtake them to make sure Haaland and that he does not go to Real Madrid,

Madrid, very attentive

Real Madrid is very attentive to everything that happens with Haaland and could bring forward this signing attempt this season. The white club is not willing to pay the more than 100 million that Dortmund will foreseeably ask for, so a player may be included in the operation. Players like Lucas Vázquez, Kubo or Jovic.

Real Madrid does not want to happen again MbappéWhen he was able to sign him, he did not do it and now he will have to scratch his pocket to sign the French striker, the great white target for the 2021 campaign.

The white plans are bring Mbappé and Haaland together for the summer of 2021But if Juventus press for the Norwegian, Madrid could sign him now.

Although it would not be the only conflict between Real Madrid and Juventus since in Italy they assure that the Juventus has also set its sights on Mbappé to replace Cristiano Ronaldo in the event that you can’t sign Haaland. A ‘war’ is brewing between Real Madrid and Juventus over two of the most fashionable players in European football.