War on Telecinco: This is how Ana Rosa boycotts the production company of ‘Sálvame’

The waters go down revolts in Telecinco. The docuserie on Rocío Carrasco has accentuated the historical rivalries between the main producers that feed the chain with content, and the situation is most tense.

‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’ is the work of ‘La Fábrica de la Tele’, the same producer of ‘Socialité’ and ‘Sálvame’, which has completely turned over, defending Rocío Jurado’s daughter tooth and nail.

Very different has been the attitude of Ana Rosa Quintana, who has not only been very lukewarm in the face of her testimony, but has also given a voice to critics such as Alessandro Lequio and has hired her daughter, Rocío Flores, for me to reply with the excuse of commenting on “Survivors.”

Throughout the numerous episodes of the docuseries darts have flown between the shows, something that It ended up provoking a harsh measure by Ana Rosa: the boycott.

And it is that the ‘queen of the mornings’ He decided to cut his losses and order not to talk about the program. This is what has happened in the last two installments, which have totaled 0 minutes in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ despite the fact that in the first installments there was a long talk about the subject.

A radical decision that it only delves into the gap between the two producers, as Jorge Javier Vázquez hinted a few days ago in ‘Save me’.

Has Ana Rosa pronounced La Fábrica de la Tele? Oysters, then this is war … How strong, please”, He said after the journalist’s criticism of Antonio Canales was told for changing his version of his relationship with Fidel Albiac during his visit to the ‘Deluxe’.