Wanda Nara reveals the ‘secrets’ of her beauty

There is no doubt that Wanda nara She is one of the most popular ‘influencers’ and every image she shares through her Instagram account triggers the ‘likes’ counter quickly.

A few days ago he published a photograph taking a ‘selfie’ in a where
she wore a suggestive set of underwear
completely transparent.

Well, now Argentina has shared with all her fans the “secrets” of its beauty. In total seven, which are essential in your day to day.

“I never go to sleep without cleaning my skin; I use at least two or three different types of masks per week; I do not drink alcohol; I do not smoke; I don’t drink soda; I consume many daily vitamins advised by my dermatologist and doctor; I drink more than two liters of green tea a day, ”Wanda Nara wrote in a ‘post’.

In addition, the publication of Wanda Nara was accompanied by a new image in underwear, which caused a barrage of ‘likes’ and comments in a few hours.