Wanda Nara asks her followers to stay at home with a sensual pose

The model Wanda nara He has turned to social networks, in which he has more than 7.6 million followers, to share a spectacular posing at his home in Milan with which he has asked that people be responsible and do not leave their homes if not for need.

“Stay at home, for you and for everyone,” the Argentine businesswoman limited herself to writing next to the capture in which she appears enjoying a mate in her spectacular living room.

The ‘post’ of Wanda It has exceeded 357 thousand “I like you” and has accumulated numerous comments in just a few hours. “I also want to stay at your house”, transmitted a follower in the comments section. “With your millions, I would too,” added another.

Currently, the wife of the soccer player PSG

Mauro Icardi
He is with his five children in Italy and has shared some of the fun plans that he has made with them, such as eating ice cream.

“My favorite sweet milk taste, yours ??? To a chubby girl like me, you give her ice cream and you make her the happiest. Thanks friends ”, he pointed out next to a selection of captures in which he appears next to Francesca and Isabella.