Wally, the Pacific gray whale, appears in Mallorca

Wally, the Gray whale of large dimensions, has been sighted this Thursday in the bay of Santa Ponça, in Mallorca. A group of experts has traveled to where the cetacean is to be able to monitor the animal, apparently in a delicate state of health.

This large gray whale is found far away from its natural habitat, the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic, and experts anticipate that it may not survive.

Technicians from the Consortium for the Recovery of Fauna of the Balearic Islands (COFIB) and the Palma Aquarium have carried out this Thursday the monitoring of the cetacean in the southwest of Mallorca.

The Government’s Emergency service has published a message on social networks that includes a video of the animal swimming along the coast.

The Ministry of the Environment and Territory has ensured that the gray whale’s condition is delicate and has asked the public not to go to the place to see the animal because it needs tranquility, although many onlookers have come to see the great cetacean.