Vrsaljko, in the historical eleven of Croatian football

Vrsaljko, footballer of the
Atlético de Madrid
, He is still not very clear about what his future will be next season. The right-back has already made it clear that he wants to have more minutes, that he cannot spend another season like the previous one.

In recent days, the player has been linked to the Fenerbahçe Turkish. The Istanbul club has you on the agenda. It is also the dream of Hajduk Split, his old club. But this option seems impossible because of the player’s salary in the Athletic.

The historic eleven of Croatian football, with Sime Vrsaljko in it.

In your country, in Croatia, we are very attentive to what may happen in these next few weeks. The footballer participated with his team in the Eurocup, but their participation was decreasing. It started out as the option of Zlatko
Dalic, but little by little it was losing presence until the two most transcendent matches, before Scotland and the round of 16 against Spain.

In the Balkan country they have a lot of confidence in the winger, even despite the last and complicated seasons lived, with many injuries and few games.

The fact is that, taking advantage of the Eurocup, the most important sports medium in his country, ‘Sportske
Novosti‘, He made the best historical eleven of football in his country. And it included the mattress maker.

For this newspaper, the best eleven in history would be formed by Ravic as an archer; Sime Vrsaljko, Pavlicic, Jerkan and Jarni in defence; Rakitic, Kovacic, Modric and Prosinescki in the spinal cord; Y Suker Y Mandzukic at the tip of the spear.