Voro: ‘People are angry’

The coach of the Valencia Voro González pointed out after his team’s triumph against him Eibar and the continuous criticism of the maximum shareholder Peter lim of the fans who returned to Mestalla after fourteen months that are a sign that “people are angry” but that the team appreciated that there was an audience.

“The public is sovereign and has the right to say what it sees fit,” said the coach at the post-game press conference, linking part of the anger to the team’s bad season.

“The situation is what it is. They are within their right to say what they deem appropriate. There is no other, ”added the coach.

Voro He was very satisfied with the effectiveness they showed. “There was a time when they pushed a lot, we knew it could happen and we knew how to take advantage of the spaces,” he said.

The Valencian coach admitted that there are “players who are offering better performance now but I want to highlight the sacrifice of the team at the end of the season in which we had insisted that we wanted the team not to crash and it is not easy.”

“About (Gonçalo) Guedes It is not something of two games, it has been two months in which we are seeing the best version. If he is well he is a differential player although he has been irregular like the team ”, he stressed Voro, which also highlighted the growth of Carlos Soler and the route he still has.