Voro: ‘A team in these circumstances notes the responsibility’

The Valencia coach, Salvador González ‘Voro’, indicated that a team with the “circumstances” of which it directs note “the responsibility and the need to win” after the tie (2-2) reached this Saturday against Granada at the Stadium New Los Cármenes.

“The team has had desire and intensity, it is committed, it has worked a lot in defense, there is no more attitude when we go back than before,” Voro commented at a press conference.

However, the coach recognized that “a team in these circumstances notes the responsibility and the need to win.”

“In the first half we did a great defensive job although we did not have much of the ball. We had to avoid making mistakes but in attitude and predisposition, the team has the highest score,” he explained.

Voro stressed that “the most important thing” is that they knew how to “react after the goal” of Granada but that when they had “the option” to take the three points “the draw came in error.”

“The first stone is that the team compete well and did so against Athletic and today in Granada, although mistakes have penalized us,” added Voro.

The Valencia coach made it clear that the 2-2 failure, which came when the barrier was opened, “cannot be committed.”

“We need to be more solvent, not make mistakes and, above all, win a game,” reflected Voro.