Vivas and Simeone, two coaches, the same way of seeing football

Live, current field assistant to Diego Simeone at
Atlético de Madrid
, will be the next second coach of the mattress box next season, once Germán Burgos
He confirmed that he will not continue in the team’s technical staff to be able to undertake a solo stage.

Simeone he will be left without the one who has been his squire for more than ten years, but he recovers at his side a trainer like Live that started with him when the Cholo He took his first steps as a coach. Both share the same vision of soccer in terms of the style necessary for their teams. It is no coincidence that one of the header phrases of Simeone be from your partner. “I always follow a phrase from my friend Nelson
Live: only in the dictionary is success before work ”.

Live is one of the best friends of the Cholo and he was his first second coach when Simeone made the leap to the bench. An important detail to know the situation and make a projection in the near future. Live stopped working with Simeone precisely when he made the leap to Europeto Catania, when he started working with Germán Burgos. Nelson
Live he stayed training in Argentina, already as the first sword, in Students, Quilmes and Defending and Justice.

A workout by Atlético de Madrid

Vivas confessed not long ago, in an interview in Infobae, the influence that he had Carlos Bilardo in Simeone. Whoever was the coach of Argentina he had him under his orders in the national team but also in the Seville.

“It shows that Carlos has marked him in a lot of things. It has a lot of Bilardo. Sometimes it even has equal expressions. Defense comes from a lateral center. The opposing midfielder must close to the penalty spot. And I’ve heard him say ‘make us score, but I was in the photo’. And I who had it to Carlos in Mouththat was from very Carlos“He explained.

Although the relationship goes back a long way for both of them, he recalled that at the beginning they were not friends. “We were not friends. We were together for many years. He was longer. But I spent 10 years in total Selection. From 94 to 2004. There a respect was generated among us for the camaraderie we had. And from that came his proposal. The time of our retreats also coincided. The possibility arose of offering someone who knew what it was like, but not how he worked. You had to prove that. And it gradually became clear that the construction was good ”, he recounted about the origins of this collaboration that the next academic year will experience one more episode.


Vivas has always defended Simeone before those who criticize him for being defensive. “I do not know to what extent we understand what we are looking for. Many times the opinion is put in front when giving an opinion. We understand the game in this way. The most difficult thing is how to solve what happens in the last quarter of the field. There are teams that, from an organized construction, spend most of the game trying to represent that situation. Many times we are defensive for some. But it is strategically generating the best context in which to attack, ”he explained.

“We know that where you attack the best is in space and in the disorganized rival. I have heard ‘he defends well but he attacks poorly’. Defense cannot be decoupled from attack. There is something that happens when you defend and get it back. You attack against or associate to get organized. The cycle is never cut. The same way when you attack. There is something that will happen when you lose it. Or you will recover immediately because you are holding it well. Or there is a transition and you must reorganize. The opinions are respectable, but we try to generate a game model and that the players represent each moment in the way that we want, ”he stated in‘ Infobae ’.


Recently, Live responded to some criticism of Angel Cappa on the style of play of the Athletic. “We have a working method so that the player can identify and resolve different situations that occur in a match. We have been in this for many years and we know how to live with each and every opinion. But there are many people who think but do not take the time to watch all our games, they only stay with specific or specific moments, “he said on TyC Sports.