‘Viva la Vida’ | Goodbye to a mythical collaborator of the program: ‘It’s over’

Live life‘It has taken hold on Telecinco’s weekend afternoons. The program that presents Emma garcia allows the chain to cover a total of 10 hours each week thanks to a team that has, in some cases, veteran workers who have lived all the stages of space to heart.

Hence, in the last hours the dismissal of one of them has been news. Is about Jose Angel Leiras, who recently announced on his twitter account that he no longer works in what has been his home for years.

This is how ‘Viva la Vida’ said goodbye to José Ángel Leiras

End of a stage. After almost four years I say goodbye to ‘Viva la Vida’ on Telecinco. Now to disconnect and new adventures will come” wrote.

In the video that accompanies the tweet, Leiras expands on his explanations. “Good, many have asked me on social networks if I was on vacation, if I’m sick, if I have covid … No, I’m fine. I have already had covid, I hope I will not have it again. And it’s true that you haven’t seen me on the show in recent weeks because I’m no longer on Viva la vida. It is a stage that has ended, it has been completed and we hope that others will come. Let’s see what the future surprises us with. To thank those people who were not seeing me on the program for some of those messages that have reached me and that are very beautiful”, He stated.

José Ángel Leiras participated in the news table of ‘Viva la vida’, in the final part of the program, to deal with reports on disappearances and events,