Vital battle for the permanence between Numancia and Oviedo

Numancia and Oviedo will play a vital battle for permanence, since the Castilians need to add at least three victories to guarantee another year in the Second Division and that the Asturians have come out of the descent this week.

Numancia urgently arrives at the thirty-sixth day of the competition, placed in the relegation zone, in an encounter in which it only serves to win to fuel the flame of salvation.

The fans from Numantia and the City Council of Soria itself has mobilized after the last defeat in Girona to transfer encouragement to the ‘rojilla’ squad in the face of the challenge of saving the category, in the year in which it celebrated the 75th anniversary of the club foundation.

Numantino coach Luis Carrión, who recovers defenders Calero and Bernardo, has affirmed that what will lead them to win will be leaving “everything on the field, knowing all the people behind; you have to leave your life in it ”.

Carrión has assured that there are four games left at home and three away, some of them against rival teams for salvation, so the challenge is in the hands themselves.

“If we win we will come out of the descent, it is what we have to keep in mind,” he encouraged.

The coach assured that he would have liked to give more rest to players who are regular starters, but he preferred to reserve the eleven, “in a game that plays a lot not only for the team but for the entire city.”

“Whatever happens you have to continue. The parties change. You have to be strong. We risk a lot to be low. We must always fight and that people feel proud of us ”, he highlighted.

Oviedo visits Soria with the aim of making a leap in the table, where they still fight the permanence against teams like Numancia himself after having come out of the descent this week after adding against Sporting (0-1) and Fuenlabrada (0- 0).

The duel against the Soriano team has become vital for the locals, sunk in the descent after seven consecutive days losing, but also for Oviedo, who has before him the possibility of taking a distance of up to 6 points with one of the teams that they star in the fight for permanence.

The Carbayones are still the best team of the last seven days, just the ones that Cuco Ziganda has on the bench and that have meant only one defeat – before Lugo, before the break -, three wins and three draws, the last goalless against the Fuenlabrada.

To make an important leap in the table and get closer to their goal of tying the permanence, Oviedo must beat a Numancia with whom the “average goal” is also at stake after the first leg tie at Tartiere (1- one).

Ziganda has the known losses of Coris, Nieto and Berjón, all three with broken fibers, but he recovers Tejera after serving a penalty in the last duel at the Tartiere, in which the Navarrese rotated and made six changes with respect to the derby: Obeng , Grippo, Mossa, Bárcenas, Ortuño and Lolo.

Everything points to the fact that men like Christian and Sangalli, whom the coach gave rest on Thursday, will return to the starting eleven and that the team’s biggest problems, offensive against Fuenlabrada, will lead to new changes in the blue attack.