Violent hazing in the Saint-Etienne training center

L’Equipe reports this Sunday of violent hazing occurred days ago in the soccer training center of the Saint-Etienne that the kids got out of hand. The Ligue 1 club itself has denounced the events forcefully and has launched an investigation to clarify what happened.

“Saint-Etienne has been informed of unacceptable events that occurred in its training center last week. The club, the fourth best training center in the country, cannot tolerate acts that are inappropriate and contrary to the values ​​inscribed in its sports project of excellence, ”the statement said.

“Two residents were called in for an interview before applying a sanction and being fired as a precaution. A third was temporarily suspended. Given the alleged seriousness of the reported incidents, the club filed a complaint and is willing to work with the authorities to clarify responsibilities. ”