Vinicius believes it

The goal of Vinicius to Real, apart from adding a point for the whites, contributed a few kilos of confidence to the Brazilian player. Denossed lately by Zidane who seems not to finish convincing, the ex of the Flamengo He does not give up and, every time he has minutes, he tries to take advantage of them.

This time it was again with a rebound goal, after touching a defender, which served so that the Real Madrid did not say goodbye at all to The league and will arrive alive to the derby next Sunday.

Against Atlético, a crucial date where they exist, he is expected to return Benzema, not like this Hazard and the doubt then hangs over whether it will be Isco who will act as owner together with Asensio and the French ‘9’ or will it be his own Vinicius whoever plays first.

Be that as it may, the truth is that the Brazilian does not give up and, in his 100th game as a player of the Real Madrid, he filled the backpack of confidence to remove the reason of those who do not see him triumphing in the white team during the next few years.