Viñales: ‘I’m angry with myself’

The telematic appearances of Maverick Viñales and Marc Márquez have been massive, perhaps hoping that the demons will take the Girona man away, but Papa Viñales has preferred not to get involved when assessing the behavior of the Repsol Honda rider. He has also slowed down on the track when he has been chased by several riders since the start of Q1, not just Marc Márquez, and there is a loophole in the regulation that ends up making the one who is chased an offender.

“I have no comment on this. We weren’t fast enough and after the first practice sessions I didn’t feel the same again and we have been going backwards. There are no excuses. We have been slow and that’s it, “he said,” Mack “bluntly said.


“If the team says something, it’s up to the team, I have to stay focused and I have to keep driving. We didn’t go to Q2 because we weren’t fast enough, the rest is the team’s job, not mine. It’s time to stay focused and see how we can improve tomorrow “


“I was focused and I did a good lap, but not enough and I was not hindered, I knew that Marc was behind and I knew that I had to do a good lap to get into second qualifying, but I was not fast enough. It has not hindered me “

“In the end, today we have not been at the level, we have been slow and that is why I have not been in Q2 and that has to be analyzed and improved and once we get everything on point, we can improve, so there is no excuse, we have been slow and that’s it “


“I am mad at myself for not turning. I have not been fast enough and I do not know what else can be done, I have entered the box … I do not know. I have tried to make my classification, we have tried and it has not been possible. Now to be focused to improve tomorrow and make a good comeback “