Viñales denies that he threatened to leave MotoGP and leaves Twitter

Maverick Viñales has always been one of the most active drivers on social media, especially on instagram, but in the last hours he has made a decision that will surely help him to focus even more on his self-imposed obligation: to win the world title without being aware of the noise around him. The Roses rider closed his Twitter account this Monday after a debate on social networks on account of an alleged threat to Dorna with leaving the MotoGP World Championship that ‘Mack’ has personally denied before closing the account that It had been active since 2010.

The Portuguese Grand Prix was twisted for the one in Roses after the Stewards canceled three of his laps in qualifying on Saturday, which ended up costing him twelfth on the grid. and there his option to make a good result this Sunday was ruined. Two of the laps canceled for stepping on the green were 1’38 ”990, which would have given him third place, and 1’38” 732, better than Quartararo’s pole and when they went to protest they were told that the sensor that gives the warning had sounded (it was in curves 1, 4, 14 and 15) and in the images it is seen that the rear tire was not completely out of the limit.

This Saturday he explained to the journalists that “I know that I have done my job well and that I have not touched the green, I have been inside the circuit at all times, in the end it is the decision of a system, of a person. We have known the Commissioners for several years ”he ironized.

Then on Sunday his bad and delayed start was joined by the endemic problem that he drags with the lack of rear grip if he is not in leading positions and he ended up very late (eleventh) and yielding 23 ”761 with his teammate Quartararo who did lead the race from the ninth round.

Before the press, he appeared especially upset by his problem with the start and with the grip. ”The start is the problem, we know, but what is more difficult to understand is what happened this weekend- In Qatar I was the strongest, I could have won both races and here I have suffered almost the entire weekend , apart from the ‘qualy’ which was the way we already know ”. There he took up the theme of the stewards: “They have screwed up a weekend that could have been precious for Yamaha”, without going much further. Nor was altered to the point of having threatened to leave the World Cup, but as a result of that information a debate was generated in networks in which he ended up entering.

“Inventing things … what am I going to complain to Dorna if we all have to thank them for the great championship they do,” Maverick wondered in relation to the information.

“What am I going to retire ?, Hahahaha I’m not leaving here until I win. And no excuses, I tell the truth at all times, but if it seems to you that I am a false person, perfect! ”.

It got hotter when the ‘haters’ demanded that Yamaha give Franco Morbidelli his bike to see what results he achieved and added: “If someone deserves my bike, let them take it, I have no problem, I know where I am going to go and whatever the cost. And if someone wants to criticize me, delete me from their Twitter account, if I do not delete my account, I have no habit of doing it. Thanks to those who support me because I really appreciate it. A hug! ” and deleted his profile on Twitter.