Villarreal repeats its worst streak a year later

The Villarreal, that has for the first time this season two defeats in a row this season and that he is immersed in a negative streak of eight games without winning, a crisis similar to the one he suffered just a year ago and in the same days.

Curiously, this is a situation that is repeated again, since the last season happened at the same time of the season, since the team added three defeats in a row on matchdays 25, 26 and 27, losing at Wanda to Atlético, in San Mamés to Athletic and to Leganés at home.

This series of defeats took them away from the European squares just before the pandemic and the stoppage due to it. A year later the team is back in a very similar situation, as they add defeats on matchdays 25 and 26, losing at home to Atlético and away to Valencia. Those two losses added to the eight-game winless streak they leave the team in a situation similar to last year.

Villarreal fell 2-1 at Mestalla

A year ago the team added a point more than today, 38 points that allowed it to occupy the eighth place, six points from the European zone; while now, despite adding one point less, occupies seventh in the table and is two points behind Europe with one more game.

With that, Unai Emery’s team is bound to react in this final stretch of the season, something that the team was able to do when it was led by Javier Calleja after the break for the pandemic.