Villarreal renews all its season tickets for the next season

The Villarreal has announced the automatic renewal for the next season of all the season tickets of the current campaign, as pointed out by its president, Ferdinand
Roig, in the virtual meeting that he held this week with representatives of the club’s supporters’ clubs, in which he offered a virtual stay in the First Division.

Roig announced that the season tickets were automatically renewed as their use was not possible in the current campaign, which affects a total of 18,000 members of the entity who decided to renew their trust with the club despite being aware that they were not their access to the field was going to be easy as a result of the health crisis.

None of them will have to pay for the next exercise pass, explained Roig, who considered the situation of the current season “sad”, at the same time that he was hopeful that the authorities will allow access to the stadium soon.

“We have certified that next year we will be in the First Division. It is an achievement, but we are not satisfied. We want to be in Europe next season and we will fight to achieve it. In the Europa League, we now have to face the quarter-finals. We are in good situation and we dream of growing ”, declared Roig.