Villa defends himself against sexual harassment allegations with statement

David Villa, a former Spanish international and former striker from Valencia, Barça, Atlético and New York City, among others, has come to the attention of the Sports Illustrated information, which explained that Villa was being investigated for an alleged crime of sexual harassment against an employee of the New York City, which had reported it via Twitter.

The full statement issued by the Asturian striker’s press agency is detailed below:


Comunicate of David Villa in response to the accusations made on social networks.

“During the last days I have been aware of some indeterminate and ambiguous accusations that a Twitter user who worked as a fellow at the New York City, a club that I abandoned in December 2018. The accusations have spread through the networks and the media. Given the situation of damage to my reputation, I want to express the following points:

I want to flatly deny the accusations made against me through Twitter. These accusations are absolutely false.

2.I have not received any communication on this subject before this publication on social networks, neither by this person nor by the New York City FC. I understand, from what I have read in Twitter, who was a fellow and who left the Club at the end of 2019, a year after I left. I have never heard any of these allegations from the Club or from any other source until they were posted last weekend. Of course, I will fully cooperate with NYCFC because his accusations are also directed at the Club.

3.I played four seasons in New York City and I always felt loved and respected by everyone inside and outside the Club. Therefore, it is difficult to understand why these false accusations arise when I left the New York City in December 2018, more than a year and a half ago. I repeat that these accusations are totally false.

4. Bullying is a major problem for society. It is very unfortunate for those who have experienced harassment that other people use it as an excuse to make false accusations.

5. As our legal team works to clear up these false accusations, I beg any person or media outlet to please respect my right to the presumption of innocence. ”


I want to flatly deny the accusations made towards me through Twitter. These accusations are absolutely false