Víctor Ruiz: ‘We have proposed to be more regular’

The Catalan central Victor Ruiz has become one of Manuel’s indisputable Pellegrini, who after arriving last on the squad last August, did not give him a minute in the first six league games and was the only one to have played the last seven in full. In the frozen field of The Alcoraz has completed one of his most complete performances with Real Betis, who has greatly improved his defensive performance since he is playing regularly. “It was super important to add the three points and we played a super serious game in general by the whole team. An immense joy, because it was necessary to continue adding and placing ourselves in the positions up there, which is what we want ”.

Victor Ruiz He stressed that “the idea and what we have proposed is to try to be more regular than we have been and today we have taken a little step to be so. Finally, he referred to the difficulty of having to finish the game with one less man with the expulsion in 82 ‘of Paul: “Playing with one less always makes you suffer a little more and run a little more. I’m happy to continue counting for the coach, to help the team and that’s what it’s all about. To try to do the best possible for the team ”.