Víctor Ruiz: ‘Monchi? I don’t know who you mean … ‘

Ruiz ensures that there should be no problems so that on Monday, “in principle”, he can play against him Alaves, despite the fact that he has not trained with his colleagues in several of the sessions of the week and has done it alone in the gym to treat muscle discomfort. “I have been dragging muscle discomfort for a few weeks, it was planned to regulate the volume of training a little and in principle for Monday there should be no problem,” said the central defender. Real
Betis, from statements to Radio Sevilla.

Apart from the muscular discomfort, Víctor Ruiz is warned of suspension, so Pellegrini could reserve him on Monday so as not to risk losing him due to suspension in the derby the following day against Sevilla FC: “On a personal level nobody has told me nothing, it is an issue that the coach has to manage. I always prioritize the next game, from there we will see. The most important game is the following. First get the victory against Alavés and then it will be seen. It is clear that it is a game (the derby) that we all want to play, but you have to try to forget a bit about the card that may be out there. I have played many more warned games and I don’t think it conditions me because the next game is against Sevilla. I will act in the same way ”, he assured.

On Monchi’s statements after the new defeat of Sevilla FC against FC Barcelona – against which the Nervionenses have lost six finals and three Cup qualifiers (they exceeded one) and have only won one match of the 28 league games played against the Catalans in the last fourteen years-, indicating that “others can only celebrate our debacles or misfortunes”, Víctor Ruiz did not take himself for granted. “I had no idea, I don’t know who he means. We are very calm, to our thing, without looking anywhere. The closest match is Monday against Alavés. From there we will fully focus on the derby ”.

The objective is to qualify for Europe

Real Betis is making a great comeback in LaLiga and already occupies European positions: “We have come back many points but the really difficult thing is to stay there. In the last third of LaLiga all the teams begin to define themselves by the objectives, let’s hope that we are up there fighting for the European positions. What is coming in handy for us is going in the famous game by game. To continue in this way for when the last days approach, depend on ourselves and have the possibility of being in European positions. The higher up, the more prestige the team gains, the club and the better competition is played, it is a reality. If at this stage of the competition there is no talk of the ambition to play in the European positions, it would be fooling oneself as well. We are aware that there is a new competition, we will be watching a bit for the winner of the Copa del Rey that opens another place to play in Europe. It is early for all that but we are aware. I don’t know if the fifth or sixth place, but what we want is to qualify Betis for Europe ”.

His future at Betis will be decided at the end of the season

Víctor Ruiz only signed for one season with Real Betis, after leaving Besiktas, and has yet to renew his contract: “At the time I explained that it had been closed for a year. It was what we believed most benefited both of us. At the moment there is no type of contact, I imagine that when the end of the season approaches we will see what happens. I am focused on continuing to play, on continuing to help the team. If there are some players that the club’s intention is to renew, with the whole issue of the salary limit imposed by LaLiga, I imagine that the club will have to study it well and assess who wants to continue and who does not.