Vicente Moreno: ‘The responsibility belongs to the technician at 200%’

After three consecutive draws, the Spanish receives this Saturday (9:00 p.m.) to the UD Logroñés forced to win to hit the table in his attempt to achieve direct promotion place. Your technician Vicente Moreno He appeared telematically before the press this Friday and opted to release his people from pressure. “The responsibility belongs to the coach at 200%. It is important that we leave the players alone and give them the best possible scenario so that they can perform. If you have to look at someone, look at me and leave the players alone. We come from three draws and we are not happy because it is not what we wanted. We are annoyed, angry and wanting to improve because we want to go first in the classification. I am convinced that when the end of the season comes we will be where we want to be. I have no doubts that this will be the case ”, explained the coach.

“I have been training for 10 years now and, luckily, in all of them I have had important experiences and I have been generating hard skin and a wider back than normal. I have that and there is no problem. I am a person who when everything seems good I do not pay too much attention “, he asserted, showing calm.

The last match was the one played in Miranda de Ebro last weekend, saving a point ‘in extremis’ with a goal from Nico Melamed in the addition of said duel. Vicente Moreno He spoke about what happened and advocated to focus on what happened this Saturday. “The match against Mirandés It was not one of our best games but we still had a chance to win. Now we think about the game against him Logroñés and continue in the usual dynamic of generating as much as possible and that they generate less than what the Mirandés, which generated us more than usual. The Logroñés He won six games in a row and it is true that now he is coming off a negative streak, but one never knows where he will find the positive again. In any case, and although we take the rival into account, we focus on ourselves. Our concern is to be the ones who from the beginning go for the game, “he said about his rival this Saturday.

As for those available for the duel, without revealing names, Vicente Moreno announced that there will be casualties. “We have some problems. There are some players who will not be able to enter, but as I always say, if some are not there, there will be others, and we will make an ‘eleven’ of guarantees, ”said the coach.