Vicente Moreno: ‘Marc Roca is very appetizing in the market’

Vicente Moreno, Espanyol coach, has referred this Friday to the game that his team will play on Sunday against Sabadell and has not avoided market issues and the possible departure of Marc Roca, the player who has many numbers to fly. The technician acknowledges that the international parakeet “is very appetizing” but he is calm and confident in the work of sports management.

– Decisive hours in the market

“There is less left, the end can be seen and that we can all focus on what we are. We are waiting, although no matter how much we want to, it does not depend exclusively on us. We will look at it askance and see what happens ”.

– Peace of mind about possible sales

“We are in permanent contact from day one with the sports management, seeing a bit what is happening. I am calm, as I have full confidence in the club. I see that they are working hard, pending what the market holds and trying to anticipate what circumstances will occur. They are going to make the best team possible within what we can ”.

– Marc Roca’s situation

“I see him calm within what he fits. Yesterday he did not train but today he did it one hundred percent, in the company of the group. Everything I can say about Marc is positive. The reality is that at the market level it is very attractive for many teams, because it has a high level and it is normal that there are many interested teams. From the first day I see in him a total predisposition to work, to be, to add. I don’t know what will happen. Now I have known him on a human level and I wish I could always have players of that football and personal level that Marc has ”.

– Will Roca play on Sunday?

“Anticipating today what is going to happen tomorrow is complicated. Let’s see tomorrow, and from there we will assess. Today he has done the training one hundred percent, tomorrow I understand that too. And from there we will make decisions, I do not think we should catch our fingers. “

– Would you sign to stay as the squad is now?

“The obligation and the illusion of any coach, regardless of whether he is very satisfied with the team we have today, is to improve of course. If you give me a choice, I would try to improve what there is. I am calm but the club is working on maintaining or improving, although there is also the option of getting worse, but I don’t believe in it right now ”.

– Pedrosa and Puado, lost to Sabadell for the Sub’21

“If you play in the Second Division, the reality is that you have the problem, because you cannot have your player. This is the same as always, so we accept it and do not complain. We had four on the U21 pre-list and Keidi would be in that situation too. We would prefer to have them, of course, but for any player it is a satisfaction and an added value to go with the national team, also at the club level ”.

– The Sabadell

“We are all happy when historic clubs that have gone through difficulties, such as Sabadell, have the ability to reinvent themselves and return to professional football. In recent years they have even been able to go down to Third but last season they did a great job with a prize. It was well deserved, with a great playoff and playing football very well. And that’s how they started, even though they didn’t start with the results they were looking for. It will be difficult for us ”.

– Catalan Derby

“I hope the rival’s motivation for many things. Perhaps that rivalry does not exist but there is a desire to play. We meet two teams that are in the Second Division, both on their own merits, when a year ago we were very far away. That will give them extra motivation, just like most teams that play against us. That does not condition but makes the game much more difficult. There is also Ángel Martínez, who was here, or they play their first game at home… There are many conditions. We have to face that motivation ”.

– Match awaits against Sabadell

“Each one has been totally different from the previous one, and I expect no less from this one. They are different rivals, with very different characteristics, and that is why each game requires a way of playing and you find an opposition, a way of playing and a different motivation. Sabadell plays football very well, and is capable of taking the ball from you, of having it, of making you uncomfortable. It will be as difficult or more than the previous ones ”.