Vicente Moreno: ‘I don’t understand football without wanting to win every game’

The Spanish has more than on track the ascent to First, but your technician Vicente Moreno He is not carried away by the euphoria as he demonstrated this Friday in the press conference prior to the meeting of his own this Saturday (6.15 pm) before the UD Las Palmas on Cornellà-El Prat. “We are aware and worked on a mental level to focus on the most current that is the next game. That’s what we think about. That people are happy is a good sign, but from there to when it is achieved there is already a piece. We have to keep our feet on the ground and we need to score points because the ones we have right now are not enough. I do not understand football without wanting to win every game regardless of the goal you have. You always gamble things on yourself. I still see it very far. There are 21 points at stake and that goes a long way. What you have to do is win tomorrow against a difficult opponent and that is the only thing that worries me. Whatever happens, we will not have achieved the goal and we will have to continue ”, explained the Valencian coach.

That people are happy is a good sign, but from there until the promotion is achieved, there is already a bit

The blue and white team lost the match they played against the UD Las Palmas in the first round, and Vicente Moreno do not trust a rival who is in the quiet area of ​​the table. “We play against a very dangerous team that has players with a high level and a coach with a lot of experience. I don’t trust them at all because I know they are going to make things difficult for us. He’s in a comfortable situation and you never know if that will make things easier for you or make it more difficult for you, ”he said.

Asked about Jesé, a footballer who tries to redirect his career back in The palms, praised the Canarian attacker, but remembering that he has high-level teammates. “Jesse He is a player of a high level, but we cannot focus our attention on him because otherwise we would leave others like Araújo Y Rober. Las Palmas has high-level players, “said Vicente Moreno.

On the other hand, and being already in the final stretch of the season, he recognized that the public is missing in Cornellà-El Prat. “We have missed it all season, but it could not be. Likewise, from outside they have also contributed a lot. The clubs live and are for their fans. The current thing is unnatural and we hope to have them back soon because in a club like Spanish it is vital, ”he stated.

Las Palmas is a team with high quality players and a very experienced coach

Regarding the possible ‘eleven’, without naming names, he acknowledged that there are players who have problems and also ruled on penalties after Raul De Tomás has missed his last three pitches. “We usually list the order but it is flexible and open. It depends on the circumstances of each moment. We have to be calm and not generate nervousness in that sense. Whoever throws it will do so with the utmost confidence and with the support of all ”, he explained.

Finally, he ruled on the Super league, and like almost everyone in football, is not a supporter of it. “We are all aligned with the club. If you see it in an objective way, it is something with which we cannot agree, and then depending on what position you are in, you see it more or less fair, “he concluded. Vicente Moreno.