Vettel wants to resurface at Aston Martin after bad finish at Ferrari

Sebastian vettel is optimistic about his new Formula One career with Aston martin after turning the page in a bad last season with Ferrari.

Things went from bad to worse in 2020 for the four-time world champion. He only managed a podium and finished 10 of 17 races outside the top-10 last season amid a tense atmosphere compounded by the fact that Ferrari did not offer to renew his contract.

“The whole year was a challenge. Obviously I’m not happy with how last year was in terms of results, ”he said. “There are things that did not go well and things that I would have liked to have been different. It is not a secret that I was not at my happiest moment ”, recognized the German pilot.

Last year was a huge fall from grace for Vettel, whose confidence has already been shaken after losing the 2017 and 2018 titles to the Briton Lewis hamilton despite leading both championships mid-season.

Vettel, which he still shares with Michael Schumacher the record for most wins in a season in Formula One (13 with Red bull in 2013) and has 53 wins among his 121 podiums, he was overtaken by his teammate Charles Leclerc in 2019 and 2020.

At 33 I’m not too old, there are older riders who have returned to the grid. I don’t think it’s a question of age, I think it’s more a question of whether you have the team and the car around you

When Leclerc signed a lucrative new contract until 2024 and Vettel He wasn’t even offered one, it became clear who was considered number one on the team. And the frown lines deepened on the face of Vettel when he finished the last three races of 2020 in 13th, 12th and 14th places.

“It hadn’t been up to my standards. I have never really cared what people think, say or write, “he said. Vettel. “That is why it is important that I be at peace with myself. I have very, very high expectations of myself, ”he added.

He even considered retiring, but a change to Aston martin It has rekindled the enthusiasm of the 33-year-old German driver. “I’m not too old, there are older drivers who have returned to the grid,” he said referring to Fernando Alonso, 39 years old. “I don’t think it’s a question of age, I think it’s more a question of whether you have the team and the car around you.”

The team Aston martin works with motors Mercedes and is owned by the Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, whose son Lance Stroll is the other driver of the team. The plan is to convert to Aston martin in a title contender within three to five years.

Vettel suggested that the atmosphere in Aston martin is less suffocating than Ferrari. The Italian manufacturer, with its bright red car, remains the most iconic name in F1 history. But Ferrari hasn’t won a drivers’ title since Kimi raikkonen in 2007 and his last constructors’ title was in 2008.

“Aston Martin is obviously very small if you compare it to Ferrari at the beginning,” he said. Vettel. “Things are a little different, but it is not about the elegant appearance or the luxurious and expensive designer chairs in the office, it is more about the work that is done behind the scenes,” said the German pilot, for whom the next weekend This week will begin a new chapter in his long career at the Bahrain Grand Prix.