Vettel switched to agriculture during the winter break

TO Sebastian Vettel not only do you like the green color of your new Aston martin, team for which he pilots this course in the Formula 1. He also likes the green of nature. And it is that as the four-time world champion himself recognized, after a very complicated course in 2020 with Ferrari, he decided to dedicate part of the winter break to increase his knowledge in agriculture on an organic farm. This was recognized in Vienna this week at the presentation of the project ‘BioBienenApfel’, born to promote sustainability, endangered bee flower fields and organic farming.

“During the break I had more time than I had planned and I thought about what I could do and what things I liked, interested me, and agriculture and livestock is something that attracts me,” he said. Vettel, who wanted to take advantage of his time at the farm to focus his learning on the nutrition that he must carry as an elite athlete. “As an athlete I focused on the nutrition aspect. What can you do to eat healthier and get the most out of your body? You ask yourself these questions and you realize that not all vegetables are the same, that not all apples have the same nutrients, for example “.

“So I took advantage of my free time from last year to learn more about this topic and it was very exciting to learn about it and talk to the people who deal with it.”he added.

In this sense, he stressed that during the winter break he wanted to form a field of flowers in the shape of a heart with his daughters. “They accompanied me at the beginning, but later I was alone with the shovel,” he finished with a laugh.

Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin driver