Verstappen: ‘We want to make it harder for Mercedes’

Max Verstappen wants, finally, that Red bull Meet your new 2021 car and you can start the year much closer to Mercedes than it did in 2020. Last year, those of Milton keynes They failed again from the start and had to correct the car to be able to fight against those of Brackley at the end of the course. But as Max recalls well, all this took place before a much superior Mercedes team that stopped the evolution of their new car very early. Now, Red bull He arrives with more power in his Honda engine and a car with which the Dutchman hopes that this time he can battle against Hamilton. He knows it’s complicated, but he will try. In fact, after making your ‘Filming day’ with the new Red Bull RB16B, Max Verstappen was optimistic about his new jewel, though inadvertently raising expectations until knowing the performance of the Mercedes in the first race of the year. “We want to talk on the track”, said Max in statements published by the portal “Auto Motor und Sport”.


In its ‘Filming day’, the Dutchman was able to first brush off the winter dust and warm his hands a bit by taking a few turns with the Red Bull RB15 and later on his new RB16B for 2021, the day he said he did not feel rusty despite the months that have past after the last date last year. “I spent a lot of time in the simulator during the break, and then I also did some real races. I drove a GT3 in Barcelona “, recalled the Dutchman, that in relation to his new car for 2021, with which Red Bull wants Max to be able to fight with greater weapons this season against the fearsome Mercedes, Verstappen did not want to give many clues to his rivals.

“It was just a matter of spinning around. For me, everything felt really normal. The car still looks the same. The painting has not changed for five years “laughed the Dutchman in relation to his new car. “As far as technology is concerned, as with all teams, the car is an evolution of last year’s model. So it is not a brand new car. For me, the only question that matters is whether it is fast. It can be pink or pink and purple or have a crazy shape. If it’s fast, I don’t care “He added in relation to a decoration of his car that did not change at all from last year.

“Honda made good progress in winter”

As for the loss of aerodynamics due to the changes in the technical regulations of this 2021, which has forced the teams to readapt the floor of their cars, Verstappen said he placed special emphasis on asking Red Bull engineers to compensate for the aerodynamic loss. in his car. What’s more, highlighted the work of Honda, from which a more powerful engine is expected for this course, something that should help it to cut differences with the Mercedes. “Honda made good progress in winter. Unfortunately, the competition doesn’t stop either. We will have to wait and see if our improvements are enough to allow us to fight for the victories. “, expressed in this regard, remarking that his actual position on the grid will be unknown until he sees the actual performance of the other cars in the first race of the year in Bahrain (March 28).

“Mercedes stopped development of the car early last season. As of July, hardly any improvements could be seen in them. In 2020 we had some problems at the beginning, but then we were able to progress continuously. As a driver, of course, I still expect more grip and more power (in the new car). It looks promising, but there is no point in being overzealous and advertising something. We want to talk on the track “, Verstappen expressed as a warning to his great rivals, Mercedes, of whom he remembers that he was able to reach in the final part of last year with his Red Bull.

Happy for the arrival of Checo Pérez

Apart from the car, the most important novelty of this season at Red Bull is the arrival of the experienced Checo Pérez to accompany Max Verstappen. According to the head of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, the signing of the Mexican makes Red Bull have one of the best formations on the grid, something for which the Austrian did not hesitate to assure weeks ago that Milton Keynes would be among the favorites to be made. with the Constructors’ World Cup. As for your new partner, Verstappen was positive about what Pérez can contribute to the group of energy drinks.

“I’ve always gotten along well with him. The relationship is relaxed. Of course you can bring us new information from your time with other teams and with other engine manufacturers. I hope that together we can score more points for the team and make things a bit more difficult for Mercedes can do.“.

Future at Mercedes instead of Lewis Hamilton?

In relation to Mercedes, Max Verstappen was also asked about a possible future signing by Mercedes, especially after the star of the Brackley team, Lewis Hamilton, only renewed his contract for one year, for this 2021, at 36 years of age. Recently, Red Bull boss Christian Horner admitted that if Hamilton left at the end of this season, his pupil Max Verstappen would be the first on Mercedes’ list of candidates to fill his position. However, Verstappen did not want to think about it. “I have no idea what Lewis will do. I’m just focusing on myself and this season so that we can be successful. We just finished shakedown. I don’t think about other things “.