Verstappen surrenders to the superiority of the Mercedes

A second in Formula 1 is a whole world, and it is precisely what Lewis Hamilton managed to get him to third place, Max Verstappen, in the classification of Formula 1 Great Britain GP
2020. Specifically, the Dutch pilot stayed 1 “022 from English, and that the young Max always manages to add an ‘extra’ to the performance of the Red Bull. But when you consider that you have made a good lap and the time table marks a disadvantage of this magnitude, it is impossible not to surrender to your opponent and admit the enormous superiority of Mercedes over the rest, as the Dutchman did after the ‘qualy’ of this Saturday.

“I think the lap itself was very good, but the Mercedes they were very fast from the beginning, you have to accept it and try to do your best, “he said. Max Verstappen, aware that this course Mercedes they are in another world, due to their improvement compared to last year, but also due to the step backwards they have taken Red bull.

“I am happy, I think the race will be different, we are a little closer, it does not mean that we are going to fight with them, but at least in the first corner yes”, he added, facing a race in which he knows that much of his chances of achieving more than a third place may lie in passing one of the Mercedes at the start and trying to stop them, something that seems complex.