Verstappen: ‘I’m surprised by Ferrari’

Max Verstappen was tremendously surprised by the great performance of Ferrari on the first day of free practice of the Monaco GP. The Dutchman considers that his Red bull it’s far from where I expected it to be on this high-load track and leaves Ferrari in a position of superiority. If his statements after getting out of his car are a reality or a simple bluff, the Saturday, the day of a crucial qualification That will determine everyone’s hopes for a race in which overtaking is very difficult.

“We are slow. Not little. I’d say a lot. We have to look for speed in all sectors, because others are different from us. We are far away and I have not even had great driving sensations. Usually I feel comfortable in the car right away and it’s easy to find a good rhythm, whereas today it took me a long time. So far this is undoubtedly a tough weekend, ”Max commented in statements published by‘ Sky Sport Italia ’.

“I am surprised by the competitiveness of Ferrari, but this shows that we are quite weak. They are doing very well, while we have not been up to the task “he added, praising the great performance of the Maranello cars, which led the first day in Monaco with Leclerc in the first position and Carlos Sainz in the second.

At the moment, Max celebrates that this Friday there is no work on the track so that his team can analyze the data collected to be able to take a step forward on Saturday. All this, after a Thursday in which Verstappen was fourth at 0 ”397 of Leclerc’s best time.

“Fortunately we have a day off tomorrow and we can examine everything, but there are many things that need to change. We have to improve a lot to get to the level of the red cars “, concluded Max, who must never be ruled out in the face of pole and victory.