Verstappen gives it back to Lewis: ‘Avoiding the crash goes both ways’

Max Verstappen has not taken at all well the condescending attitude towards him that Lewis Hamilton has had on his turn at Media Day in Monte Carlo and has replied that avoiding the clash between the two “goes in both directions.” Nor did he find it funny that the Englishman said that Max has more to prove than he.

Hamilton was asked at Monte Carlo – in response to comments from McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown that contact at Turn 1 between Verstappen and Hamilton was inevitable this season – if he agreed, to which Hamilton replied that “I’ve done well to avoid all incidents so far” .. and “I think maybe [Max] you feel you have a lot to prove. I’m not necessarily in the same boat and I have a more long-term mentality, like ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint’, which is ultimately why I have the statistics that I have ”.

Asked later by the Dutch by the journalists, he has already put up their noses of disgust as soon as he started. “I have nothing to prove. And avoid contact? I think it goes both ways. So we’ve done well, that’s true. But we run hard, we have avoided contact on both sides, so hopefully we can keep doing that and keep being on the track and racing hard against each other. “

Hamilton and Verstappen had a famous contact the last time Formula 1 raced Monaco in 2019, with Verstappen trying desperately over Hamilton at the chicane late in the race only to be avoided by Hamilton, with the Mercedes driver taking the lead. victory.

Verstappen still has not passed from fourth place as the best result – two years ago he was second and due to the penalty he fell to fourth place – and this Wednesday he said he was willing to change.

“So far in Monaco, a few mistakes on my part, a bit of bad luck in the races – it hasn’t been the best for me so far, but it would of course be a good weekend to turn it around here,” he said. Verstappen.

“My story here has been a bit of ups and downs. In 2016 and 18, we did have a good car here, and the other years, since I was in the team, it wasn’t that easy, let’s put it that way. It all depends on the competitiveness of the car from the start. For some years we were a bit off, and then other years I think we had a better start to the year “

“Of course so far this year it looks like we’ve gotten off to a competitive start, so I just hope it’s the same here … and I’m sure we’ll have a competitive car.”