Valverde, the ‘Pogba’ who has Zidane in suspense

At the beginning of what is now the ‘Zidane Stage’ in the Real Madrid there was a name that stood out above the rest on the French wish list: Paul
Pogba. The midfielder of Manchester United It was, for a time, a forbidden wish of the coach who, no matter how much he asked Florentine, This tried to convince him that it was not the appropriate signing especially for the price of the footballer.

Then, the Frenchman, resigned, discovered in Fede
Valverde the figure of a player with similar characteristics and whom he endowed with the same tactical instruments that he would have endowed Pogba if he had ended up arriving at the Bernabéu: freedom of movement, physical demand and deployment both in attack and defense.

The infiltrated bird

And now, at the gates of the quarter-turn before him Liverpool, Zidane remains in suspense to know whether or not he can count on the Uruguayan in the Anfield duel.

And is that the French knows that his physical power can be decisive both in attack and defense and, therefore, there is the possibility that he ends up infiltrating to alleviate his pain in the sole of the foot caused in the past Classic where his contribution was also very relevant.

Thus, until the last minute it will not be known which will be the participation of Valverde What is clear is that, to play, it would help Real Madrid not continue to be affected by injuries.