Vallejo: ‘We still have a lot to say in the tie’

Jesus Vallejo, central of grenade, believes that his team has “a lot to say yet” in the tie against him Manchester United despite losing this Thursday 0-2 in the first leg.

“I am very proud because we have left everything on the field. The planned game plan has come out, but they have a lot of punch up”Vallejo commented after the meeting at Movistar.

“We have had our opportunities and we have created opportunities for them, but we have not had the fortune to score a goal that put fear in their bodies. Playing like this, most days you will win,” he added.

Vallejo he is clear that they are going to go to the second leg next Thursday “for all” since “the tie is at halftime” with ninety minutes to go. “We did not want this result, but this is not resolved at all. We have to give everything to the end because this fans deserve it and because we still have a lot to say in the tie”, sentenced the central rojiblanco.