Valladolid is seen in Second but wants to face Atlético

Joaquin Fernandez, player of the Real Valladolid, has given his face this Monday at a telematic press conference after the painful defeat suffered in Anoeta and that leaves the Albivioleta team one step away from the Second Division … before receiving the Atlético de Madrid, that the title is played, on the last day.

And the center-back hardly sees options for Valladolid to get salvation. “Although there is one last bullet left, it is already very difficult. What is clear is that what happened in San Sebastián cannot be repeated ”, He said, then added that if the staff “had been competent”, it would have been saved “with ease”, because there is “quality” and the project “was good”, but “it has not been at the level that was required”.

“I can’t find an explanation for what happened, because we knew we were playing a lot, but they passed us by,” explained the footballer, who recounted how he felt in San Sebastián: “Anguish, pain, the urge to cry and helplessness ”.

“The sensations weren’t good, because when we played well, we didn’t win and that’s dangerous, because the victories should have come, but it was either tied or lost. So it was difficult to achieve permanence “, he recalled. “The situation has overtaken us all, because we did not win, and a dark ending was seen like the one we are having,” added Joaquín, who hopes “not to return to the situation experienced against Real, to show up and be intense against Atlético de Madrid, in the last game of this season ”.

In addition, Joaquín wishes that next season “there will be an ambitious project at Real Valladolid to try to climb again.”