Valencia will decide on Ponsarnau at the end of the season and will adjust the budget

The Valencia Basket decide whether to offer the renewal to the technician Jaume ponsarnau at the end of the “cold” season and, as announced by the CEO and CEO, Jose Puentes, will adjust the budget of the next campaign by playing the Eurocup but it has controlled the rights in Spain of the players who can leave due to that fact.

“The coach is doing a good job, these decisions will be made at the end of the season,” he said. Bridges at a press conference. The manager asked the team for ambition to fight to win the Endesa League but he pointed out that more variables will enter into analysis in addition to the pure result.

“It will be analyzed cold, it is not the result and out. Our club doesn’t work like that. Projects must be patient even if they win. Let’s not be result-oriented, although I understand that you have to see short-term results, you also have to go further ”, he stressed.

“Decisions are made cold, at the end of the season, which is when you have to see everything. When you are within the club you have other keys and here people are managed, who earn a lot, they are paid very well and up to date and they are required because we want to win ”, he added.

In fact, Bridges He said that if the team fails “the first” who would have to leave is him “because he does not know how to lead” and explained that for him a failure would be not managing the “financial resources” of the club well or “signing for signing.”

“What we have to demand is that we be hungry, that we want to win and that we do it with common sense, because we manage a budget. This is not going and pulling out of a drawer, ”he explained.

Bridges acknowledged that he asks Ponsarnau already Ruben Burgos that young people play more “but they want to win”. “The first teams are going to win and L’Alqueria It is the law of the harvest but also the first teams need patience ”, he highlighted.

The manager also said that by not playing the next edition of the Euroleague “Some adjustment will have to be made” in the budget, but he indicated that he still does not know how much.

On the future of players who may leave because they want to continue in the top European competition. “With the players who may have an exit option, we have it under control and we can exercise our rights in Spain,” he stressed. Bridges, who recalled that “the hard core” of the staff has a contract.

Asked if the club will open to contracts of more than a year to the coaches, he said that they have not done badly with the annual formula. “People know that, coming for a year, you can have a journey if you do things well, it is our hallmark. Why are we going to make those contracts? Why does everyone do it? ”He wondered.